Away at work? Need extra help with your dog? The Furry Crew Pet Services offers a superb dog walking service to give your dog something to look forward to every day.

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do and if they have proper exercise on a daily basis it will energise their body, mind and spirit. Over weight dogs age prematurely and that extra walk will definitely help your dog lose some of those unwanted pounds. Some dog behavioural problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. Your dog needs to be exercised regularly and if so you will have a happy healthy well balanced dog that will be a pleasure to be around when at home. Try it, it works.

I have a unique understanding of dogs and their behavior because of my many years of experience and I take a wholly hoslistic approach when  caring, exercising and training dogs. I have witnessed many times the joy, security and calmness dogs feel when being walking and exercised in a well managed pack.

Your Dog will be collected from either your home, place of work or wherever you choose and transported to one of the many dog friendly open spaces in the surrounding countryside where they will play, have fun, exercise and most importantly socialise with other dogs which is vital for their development of socialisation skills, all under my guidance and control. For Dog's that are small, elderly or recovering from injury or illness I do have shorter walks in segregated areas. 

The Furry Crew go out dog walking twice a day 6 days a week.

The Furry Crew are Currently picking up from all areas of Bristol in a specially adapted vehicle for animal transportation with journey times that are kept to a minimum!